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Corporate Arts

Unique Brand Orchestration
with pencil, drawing pen & colourful ink


Dr. Franz S. Englhofer

tel.: +43 660 3625766


Beispielbild Corporate Arts


please find more artwork examples here

Client Benefit

  • Place Your company / Your brand in the center of interest – in a strategic, creative, unique and really likeable manner!
  • With a series of artworks (20#-50#) – handdrawn & coloured.
  • Pictures tell us more than 1000 words!
  • This opens eyes, minds & wallets of Your target-group!
  • Orchestrate in this way Your success-stories, topics, messages, activities and visions – strategically well prepared, implemented in a creative manner with pencil, drawing pen & colourful ink.

Scope of Service

  • Briefing-Kick-Off Meeting under professional guidance of brand-specialist Univ.Lektor Mag. Karin Strahner – as interface between corporate and creativity
  • Production of a series of 20 – 50 artworks (ranging from pencil sketches until colour-version with Sennellier inks)
  • Transfer of all rights of artworks for further use for commercials, brochures, advertising, promotional items and logo drafts
  • Possibility to produce a series of numbered and hand-signed artprints in addition to the originals.
  • Exhibition optional (vernissage)


  • Over 2.500 artworks sold to collectors
  • Over 200 exhibitions in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany & Austria.
  • Recognised Painter of the 20th century (see: Maler des 20. Jhdts Band A-F von Prof. H. Fuchs", 1985)
  • Illustrator oft he famous"Libretti di viaggio" (see www.LuxuryTravel.at)
  • Exemplary references: Danube-Tower Vienna, 5*-Luxushotel Rome Cavalieri, municipality Moosburg, Carinthia


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